We, AROSC HPD, are a collection of car enthusiasts who love to drive and we especially love to drive fast but safely on race tracks.

We are a part of AROSC and we have 40 years of experience putting on track events in the South West. This long history is responsible for out strong commitment to safety. We will not accept aggressive driving in our events. Any incidents which involve car-to-car contact will be dealt with harshly.

We usually run weekend-long track events. When you go on track is determined by which Run Group you are in. We will assign you to a Run Group based on your level of experience and anticipated lap times. If you don’t agree with the assignment you have been given, please come talk to us at the track and we’ll see what we can do to accommodate you. The normal Run Groups are:

  • Novice Group allows passing only on specified straights and only with a point-by.
  • Intermediate Group allows passing anywhere on the track but only with a point-by.
  • Advanced Group allows passing anywhere on the track. Point-bys are appreciated but not required.
  • Race Group is for wheel-to-wheel racing only.

In the Novice, Intermediate and Advanced Run Groups, you may enter as either a Time Trial (aka Time Attack) or an HPDE/DE (High Performance Driving Events/Driving Events) driver. As noted above, Race Group is for wheel-to-wheel racing only.

We also run Driving Schools and have been doing so for over 20 years. Some of our former students are currently racing in national and international events. We provide instruction/classes in:

  • High Performance Street Driving
  • Novice Time Trials
  • Advanced Time Trials, and
  • Wheel-to-Wheel Racing

Our events take place at tracks all over the South West but most take place at Willow Springs, both at the big track, the Streets, Chuckwalla Valley Raceway and at Buttonwillow. We also run at Laguna Seca, Spring Mt. Fontana, Las Vegas, Phoenix plus others when the opportunity arises.

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